Specializing in Accounting, Bookkeeping and

Tax Preparation for Individuals and Small

Businesses Serving Las Vegas and Henderson NV


Phone: 702-990-0926

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Jeanne Hocrath: 

MBA, CPA (Colorado).  Over 27 years of accounting, bookkeeping and

tax preparation experience. (Not Licensed in Nevada)


Pam West:

MTax and BS (accounting). Over 17 years of bookkeeping experience and 13 years of

tax preparation experience.


We can assist you in the following:

Service Professionals (Engineering, Legal, Financial, Insurance, Realtors, etc.)

Corporations and S-Corporations

Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, and Partnerships

Not-for Profit Organizations

Service Companies, Wholesale Operations, Retail Businesses, and Restaurants

Trusts and Estates

Construction Companies

Sports and Entertainment Organizations




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Full-Service Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Preparations for Individuals and Small Businesses
By The Numbers Serving Las Vegas and Henderson NV


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